Episode 1 - Intro to the Posse, and special guest - Armor Modeller John Bonnani Posted 8/26/2020 




Episode 2 - Dave from On The Bench Joins us! We discuss Airbrush paint types and more! 



Episode 3 - Warhammer! TJ takes us on a deep dive of his Warhammer painting process, and we interview Youtuber Cameron Corless of Wasatch Modeler.



Episode 4 - Anthony Goodman joins us for a great conversation! He dishes on working with Stuart at Scale Model Podcast, owning a modeling tool company, and of course his passion for Science Fiction Modeling!! 




Episode 5 - Mental Health and Scale Modeling, plus Jon Bius!
Jon Bius joins us for a great conversation about Science Fiction modeling, his journey to becoming a Youtuber, and the culture of scale modeling.

We discuss our regular updates and go over listener feedback, as well as A TON of Hobby Shop Shout outs. MAJOR shout out to the Posse!  We also have Chris Bumgarner from Wrightcon, usually an in-person IPMS model show and contest, but this year it is 100% virtual. Everyone can participate - so check out the details!

The MAIN theme of Episode 5 is Mental Health and the hobby. 





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